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DingChang-Bird protection equipment


Bird repelling is also called bird driving, bird prevention, bird collision prevention, etc., and it is called birdrepellent in English. In a broad sense, all means to prevent harmful birds from invading their own territories, such as farms, orchards, wind power plants, and military and civilian airports, and thus endangering their labor results or equipment safety are called bird repelling; in a narrow sense, bird repelling refers specifically to military and civilian use. In order to protect the safety of aircraft take-off and landing, the airport prevents birds from being sucked into the aircraft engine when the aircraft takes off and lands at high speed, or hits the aircraft body, landing gear, tail, windshield, etc. All measures taken on the landing runway or taxiway to prevent bird invasion, such as auditory threats, visual deterrents, direct hunting, chemical, ecological or radar warnings, etc.

The intelligent bird repelling device is designed by using imported single-chip microcomputer, integrating Doppler radar to detect birds approaching technology, pickup to detect bird calls, ultrasonic bird repelling technology, simulated eagle sound source to repel birds, simulated shotgun gunshots to repel birds, strong strobe at night An ultra-low power consumption intelligent bird repelling device manufactured by optical drive bird and other technologies. By default, the system enables Doppler radar detection and pickup detection. When a bird is detected approaching, the system is enabled to emit ultrasonic waves to stimulate the bird's nervous system. Simultaneously, the sound source of an eagle and a shotgun are simulated to deter birds from approaching the tower. When there are flying birds approaching at night, according to the habit of birds fearing flashes, strobe strong light is used to stimulate the visual system of birds and destroy the living environment of birds, thereby driving birds close to the defense area, so as to prevent bird damage and ensure security purpose.

Shaanxi Dingchang Electric Power Co., Ltd. was founded on August 6, 2015, located at No. 17, Xinhe Industrial Park, Xi'an International Port Area, Shaanxi Province, and belongs to the wholesale industry. Over the years, Dingchang Electric Power has blazed an innovative path of development, becoming the first "provincial power company with first-class management in China", and has successively won the National May Day Labor Award, the National Civilized Unit, the Award for Outstanding Industrial Contribution, the Top Ten Responsible Enterprises and other titles The comprehensive performance has been in the forefront of the State Grid Corporation of China for many consecutive years. The projects have been started successively, leading the way in safety, quality and progress. The business scope includes: wire, cable, optical cable, communication equipment, lightning protection and grounding materials, hardware tools, fire-fighting equipment, building appliances, electronic components, standard parts, pipe fittings, electromechanical equipment, labor protection appliances, plastic products, cement products, chemical materials (except hazardous chemicals), power fittings, optical cable fittings, power rail accessories, communication iron accessories, steel cored aluminum strand, steel strand, insulated overhead line, power porcelain bottle Production, processing and sales of high and low voltage insulators, fuses, disconnectors, lightning arresters, power transformers, insulating materials, power construction appliances, distribution boxes and distribution cabinets. (Projects that must be approved according to law can only be operated after being approved by relevant departments). Shaanxi Dingchang Electric Power Co., Ltd. is currently in operation.



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