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Do I need to boil a new non-stick pan? Although non-stick pans do not have a complicated opening ceremony like iron pans, new pots also need to be handled a little. Don't rush to wash a new non-stick pan with water. Pour in some cooking oil, spread evenly all over the pan with a kitchen towel, and let it sit for 2 hours. Then rinse thoroughly with a small amount of dish soap and a dish towel, drain the water, and you’re good to go.
How to clean a non-stick pan? Non-stick pans are very "delicate" and should be cleaned with a soft cloth or sponge, not harsh emery cloths and steel wool. If you encounter hard-to-wash stains, soak them in warm water first, then wipe with a soft cloth. Another point is that the hot pot after use cannot be directly flushed with cold water, and the sudden temperature difference will affect the service life of the coating. All nonstick pans (wok, frying pan, rice cooker liner, all kinds of nonstick baking pans) are the same.

The three-layer non-stick frying pan allows the ingredients to drift in the pan, leaving the deliciousness only in the stomach. Adapt to various heat sources, cook as you like without restraint, suitable for induction cookers, gas stoves, electric ceramic stoves, halogen stoves, etc. to heat evenly and quickly. Not afraid of slashing, not afraid of spatula, a good pot can stand the test, a good pot can stand the test, and you can fry hard vegetables how you want. Solve the big troubles of cleaning, and it is convenient and worry-free to wipe and clean. Easy to clean and not rust, after frying a dish, it is randomly cleaned and clean as new.

ASD a Chinese national cookware brand, Astar is an international export inspection-free enterprise for stainless steel products, and has won many brand honors: China Electromechanical Chamber of Commerce Recommended Export Brand, Top Ten Enterprises in China's Light Industry Industry, China Quality Integrity Enterprise, 2012 Most Popular and Charming Cookware Brand Award , Zhejiang famous trade name, Zhejiang famous export brand, Zhejiang integrity demonstration enterprise, Zhejiang industrial circular economy demonstration enterprise, etc.



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